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H9D Studio is a full-service creative agency that prioritizes clients. With nearly two decades of dedication to high-concept art, our primary focus is exceeding client expectations, retaining and attracting customers. We believe effective communication is paramount for building and maintaining strong relationships with both our clients and yours. And as a veteran-owned business, our commitment to excellence is unwavering.

Hunter Ives

Hunter Ives

Owner/Founder, Creative Director

A dedicated veteran and the owner of H9D Studio, is the driving force behind the agency's creative venture, shaping its direction, ensuring its financial health, and inspiring the team to reach new heights of excellence. In addition to his diverse creative responsibilities spanning web and print design, marketing, advertising, video production, e-commerce, product development, communications, editorial endeavors, and the ever-evolving realms of social media and AI. His leadership and commitment to clients define our agency's mission.


Additionally, Hunter's talents extend to the entertainment industry. He is an accomplished actor, with appearances in many current TV shows and films.

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